Alumni Club in Sweden (SAC)



Welcome! The JSPS Alumni Club in Sweden (SAC) was established in 2005 by the initiative of former JSPS fellows, with the support of the JSPS Stockholm Office, and it is the first club to have been established in Northern Europe. The SAC organizes symposia on various themes, the Sweden-Japan Academic Network, the annual general assembly and board meetings.

    Overview of SAC
  • Establishment: 2005
  • Number of Members: 160
  • Chair: Elin Palm
  • Main Activities: SAC Activity Seminars, Sweden-Japan Academic Network, General Assembly, Board Meetings
  • Rules and Regulations: Stipulated in the Articles of the Club

Message from SAC Board Chair

Most welcome to the JSPS Alumni Club in Sweden (SAC). The SAC was established in 2005 and anyone who has received a grant from JSPS to perform research, is most welcome to join the SAC and our activities. Would you be interested in joining the club, do not hesitate to contact the board or fill in the registration form.

Please note that the SAC requires no membership fee. The objective of the SAC is to promote scientific exchange between Sweden and Japan, and to exchange information among the club members. The SAC is involved in the following main activities:

The board members of SAC

Elin Palm
Title: Docent in Applied Ethics, Assistant Professor

Affiliation: Linköping University, Centre for Applied Ethics

Field of research: Applied ethics, including ICT-ethics


Imre Pázsit
Title: Professor

Affiliation: Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Physics

Field of research: Nuclear energy, nuclear engineering, reactor physics, stochastic processes


Board member:
Joel Peterson
Title: Senior Lecturer

Affiliation: University of Borås, The Swedish School of Textiles

Field of research: Textiles studies, tricot technology


Board member:
Mohammad Asadzadeh
Title: Professor

Affiliation: Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Field of research: Numerical analysis of hyperbolic PDEs, convection-diffusion and integro-differential equations


Board member:
Helena L. Filipsson
Photo: Erik Thor

Title: Professor

Affiliation: Lund University, Department of Geology

Field of research: Marine geology


Board member:
Johan Eriksson
Title: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Uppsala University, Department of Art History

Field of research: Art history


Board Member:
Püren Güler
Title: Post-doctoral researcher


Field of research: Mobile robotics