Application for Membership

Application for Membership

By registering for membership at your local alumni club, you will be connected to JSPS activities and have wonderful networking opportunities with former JSPS fellows.


There are three categories of membership: regular member, associate member and honorary member.

・Regular members are former fellows who participated in a JSPS Program.

・Associate members are not former JSPS fellows but interested in pursuing and achieving the club’s objective.

・Honorary members are individuals who have a distinguished record of promoting scientific exchange with Japan, regardless of JSPS experience. These members are elected by the board.

There are no membership fees when you become a member of our alumni clubs. Also, you can join any club regardless of your nationality; however, you should consider selecting a club in a country, for example, where your workplace is located so that you can participate in activities on a regular basis.

How to register:

To claim your membership in your local alumni club, visit Application Form.

Step 1: Submit the application form to your preferred alumni club.

Step 2: The designated board member of your club will send you a confirmation email.

Step 3: You are now a member and welcome to join the upcoming activities in your community.

Step 4: As a member, you will receive information from the club on a regular basis.

Application Form

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    6. Relation to JSPS
    Name of the program you participated and the period you joined.

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