JSPS Norway-Japan Academic Network (NJAN)


The JSPS Norway-Japan Academic Network (NJAN) was established in 2019 by the initiative of former JSPS fellows, with the support of the JSPS Stockholm Office. It was renamed from JSPS Alumni Club in Norway (ACN) in 2023. The current number of members is 91. The NJAN organizes symposia on various themes, Norway-Japan Academic Network, the annual General Assembly and Board Meetings. The NJAN is actively trying to reach its members by organizing symposia all over Norway. The rules and regulations are stipulated in the articles of the club.


Message from NJAN Board Chair

Welcome to the JSPS Norway-Japan Academic Network (NJAN)! We constitute a national network for academics residing in Norway with focus on Norway-Japan collaboration. This collaboration can be in any form such as research, education and more, as long as it touches into the academic field. Our overall goal is to build bridges between Norway and Japan. We have annual activities including seminars, newsletters, a mobility grant, webinars and more. Through these activities we seek to offer a place for our members and others interested to meet and connect. The network welcomes members from all scientific disciplines. The membership, events and all activities are no cost to the members. We work in close collaboration with the Research Council in Norway and JSPS Stockholm Office. All our members receive invitations to events we organize, reports from events, newsletters, information about call for applications and other relevant information regarding our network. If you find our network interesting, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope our network can be your way to realize a dream of collaborating with Japan, connect with fellow academics, and attend Norway-Japan specific events!

The board members of JSPS Norway-Japan Academic Network as of August 2022