JSPS Stockholm Office supports alumni clubs in four countries: Sweden (SAC), Finland (ACF), Denmark (ACD) and Norway (NJAN). The objective of the alumni clubs is to promote scientific exchange with Japan and to provide a platform for networking among the members. Currently, there are three hundred active members participating in seminars and other activities organized by the clubs. Why don’t you join the community?

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Activity Seminars

Regular members of the alumni clubs can organize activity seminars with financial support by JSPS Stockholm. The purpose of these seminars is:

  • To maintain and encourage contact between JSPS Alumni Club members
  • To strengthen the members' relationships with Japan and Japanese researchers
  • To provide information about and to promote JSPS Fellowships

  • The BRIDGE Fellowship

    This program provides opportunities for regular members of JSPS alumni clubs to revisit Japan for the purpose of creating, sustaining and strengthening collaborative relations with Japanese colleagues. For more information, click here

    Apply for Membership

    All former JSPS fellows are eligible to become regular members. Others who are interested in pursuing and achieving the club’s objectives can apply to become associate members. The membership is free of charge.

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    JSPS has alumni associations in 20 countries with approximately 8,000 members around the world.

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