Title: Adjunct Professor

Institution: University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, Structures and Construcon Technology Unit

Host Institution in Japan: Shimane University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Host researcher: Prof. Masayuki Yokota

Fellowship period: 2018.10.05-2018.11.12

Over the past ten years, my research interests were focused on optical spectroscopy, measuring technology, construction of optical devices and calculation algorithms. I researched optical properties of process liquids, wastewater from paper mills, milk, printing inks, red wine, pigments, wood fibers, sugar, cosmetic and nanoparticles. Particularly, I am interested in the determination of complex refractive index of liquid and particles. I received good news about a year ago that I was awarded an opportunity to work as an exchange researcher at Shimane University in Matsue for six weeks. The aim of the study at Shimane University was to understand how we can detect and control temporal variation film of paint drying process. The drying process of paint is complex phenomena. It depends on temperature, humidity, airflow, solvents, binders and paints thickness. The control of drying times is of parcular interest for achieving economy, where the main focus lies on what is important to establish short duration for drying of the first layer before the application of the second layer. Prof. Dr. Masayuki Yokota and his research group guided me on this topic. The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge research analysis tools and measuring devices and dedicated professional staff. The atmosphere at work has been very inspirational. It was exciting and possible to develop and study novel optical measurement technology solutions, to do experimental research and to learn new things in Japan. Now we are writing the manuscript for the results of the measurement to a scientific journal. In addition, the scholarship has given me the possibility to meet again Prof. Yutaka Tabe of Hokkaido University. We have been cooperating together since 2012.

What comes to my mind when I hear Japan are great food, polite people, seasonal festivities “cherry and plum blossoms”, old architecture, versatile culture, beautiful sandy beaches and big city neon lights at midnight, but above all, Japan is famous for science. The JSPS BRIDGE Fellowship has been opening new windows into the research work, and creating a research network and good opportunities to explore the local culture. Japanese culture is largely based on respect, trust and friendship. These values are not very different from Finnish culture. I also found some similarities between Finish people and Japanese people when I visited Japan for my research. They are both hard workers and I’m glad to know that many Japanese people love Snufkin, which is a character in the Moomin series of books. Snufkin is happy-go-lucky and has a lot of good scientist nature. I believe that following Snufkin’s footsteps helps young researchers open their mind, challenge themselves and go abroad so that they can open a new window to their research work, create a research network and good opportunity to explore a local culture.

I have been lucky. I want to thank JSPS funding for the opportunity to visit Japan two times. It was possible to see many of my colleagues who I met during my JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program from 2014 to 2015. I want to thank Prof. Yokota and his students for being my hosts in research discussions and social events. Finally, I will quote Fujiwara no Ietaka’s poem.

To those who wait only for cherry blossoms,
show them the spring of grass amid the snow
in a mountain village

Fujiwara no Ietaka

Adj. Prof. Niskanen, Dr. Hibino (Naonal Instute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST) and Prof. Yokota at Matsue

Opcal setup