Postdoctoral Fellowships Short-term Program


This program provides opportunities for young pre- and postdoctoral researchers from overseas to conduct, under the guidance of their host researchers, cooperative research with leading research groups in Japanese universities and other research institutions.


Pre- and postdoctoral researchers


1-12 months

What we offer:

  • Round-trip air ticket
  • Monthly maintenance allowance (PhD holders: JPY 362,000, Non-PhD holders: JPY 200,000)
  • Settling-in allowance of JPY 200,000 (Only applicable for Fellows with 3 or more months of tenure)
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • How to apply

    Open recruitment

    Please visit JSPS website for more information on schedule and application details.

    Swedish Authority's nomination ---Closed for 2021---

    For whom:

    Pre- and postdoctoral researchers with a citizenship or permanent residency of Sweden.

    Where to submit your application:

    Please submit your application to a nominating authority (KVA or STINT).

    Application deadline:

    31 January (Sun) 2021, 17:00 CET


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