Bilateral Program

Matching Funds to conduct collaborations with Japanese researchers

Bilateral Program


JSPS promotes international scientific exchanges between Japan and counterpart countries in accordance with agreements or memoranda of understanding concluded with academies, research councils and other science-promotion organizations in those countries. Programs with such partner agencies mainly take the form of joint research projects, joint seminars and researcher exchanges.

This program is implemented in two types: Type A. Bilateral Joint Projects/Seminars with JSPS’s Counterpart Institutions; and Type B. Open Partnership Joint Projects/Seminars.

The counterpart institution in the Nordic and Baltic countries:

Academy of Finland (AKA)

Research Council of Lithuania (RCL)

The counterpart institutions in other countries:

Please refer to here


(Type A) Up to 3 years

(Type B) Joint Projects: Up to 2 years/ Joint Seminars: Up to 1 week