The Call for Nominations for the 2017 (33rd ) International Prize for Biology


  The International Prize for Biology is a commemorative prize to celebrate the sixty-year reign of Emperor Showa and his longtime devotion to biological research. It also pays tribute to the present Emperor, His Majesty, Emperor Akihito, who has striven for many years to advance the study of gobioid fish taxonomy while contributing continuously to the developing of this Prize.


  Based on nominations gathered from around the world, the Prize is awarded annually to a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to make advance in biological sciences.


  The research field of this year’s Prize is “Marine Biology.” In this field of Biology, we would like to invite you to nominate a candidate for the 2017 Prize by filling out the Nomination Form, to be accompanied with a brief statement of the nominee’s achievements.


-2017 (33rd ) International Prize for Biology-

The research field of the 2017 Prize: Marine Biology

Deadline: April 21, 2017


      by e-mail:

      by mail: Secretariat of the International Prize for Biology

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

5-3-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, JAPAN

Leaflet: ( PDF )


Please find the Nomination Form and the details about the Prize on our website:



Secretariat of the International Prize for Biology

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science




The launch of JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net)  

*We can’t accept any inquiries about this service, please contact JSPS-Net Administrator.


JSPS is pleased to announce the launch of Researchers Social Networking Service, JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net), a brand new social networking service exclusively dedicated to facilitating exchange among researchers and research-support personnel.


JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net) supports networking among researchers and research support personnel interested in creating collegial communities and pursuing activities such as joint research, information exchange on research careers, or friendly get-togethers.

While helping to expand such activities, the site works to promote and facilitate international research exchange.


Main functions of JSPS-Net

・Connection: Member search is possible from various points of view of an area, a research field, message transmission, friend application function.

・Community: Researchers in same field or same area can communicate, share information, establish new project any place and time. Alumni management is easily feasible.

・Event page: Event page for all JSPS-Net’s general member and for group members, information and enroll management, Unified management is possible.


JSPS Researchers Network (JSPS-Net) URL:

Contact: JSPS-Net Administrator (e-mail:


2017 Master’s and Doctoral Programmes of UNU-IAS  

*We can’t accept any inquiries about these programmes, please contact UNU-IAS.


UNU-IAS is now accepting  applications for September 2017 admission to its Master of Science in Sustainability programme, and its PhD in Sustainability Science programme. The application deadlines are 28 February 2017 for the Master’s degree programme, and 28 April 2017 for the doctoral degree programme.


Students accepted for the programmes will benefit from the unique opportunity to study in Tokyo at a global university within the framework of the United Nations. Both programmes are intended for recent graduates, professionals and practitioners wishing to develop an international career through employment in UN agencies, other international organizations, governments, civil society or the private sector. Enrolled students also will have the opportunity to obtain a joint diploma offered by UNU-IAS and The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Science (UT-GSFS), if they complete additional requirements.


Those who expect to receive a required degree before September 2017 are also eligible to apply.

Applicants must submit all application documents through the UNU-IAS online application website .

Please visit the UNU-IAS website for further details, and contact us through the online inquiry form if you have any questions.
Programme material is here.
Global Science Course (GSC) , University of Tokyo 

New international program for Undergraduate Chemistry students to transfer to the University of Tokyo – Application period for Fall 2017 announced:

The Global Science Course (GSC) is a new undergraduate 2 year-long transfer program. It was designed to enhance cross-cultural interactions among young minds from around the world coming together to learn science. All GSC classes are conducted in English by world-leading professors who are pursuing cutting-edge research in the most advanced fields, whilst also focusing on the fostering of students who will lead the next generation in science communities.

By giving students the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, they will not only get the chance to make the most of our world renowned facilities but will also be able to experience Japanese lifestyle and culture first-hand. This is an invaluable opportunity for those looking to expand their worldviews and experience something unique during their time as an undergraduate student. 

Furthermore, successful applicants to our program are rewarded with a generous scholarship. This includes 150,000 Japanese yen per month to aid in paying tuition fees and support living expenses. It additionally includes fully supported rent.


Application Period for GSC Fall 2017: January 10 - April 7, 2017      

You can learn more about GSC through our website and social media:

Please feel free to contact the GSC office if you have any questions:



Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in  Molecular Infection Medicine and Infection Biology and Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Umeå University, Sweden  

【1】Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in Infection Biology and Molecular Infection Medicine (deadline 2016-08-15)

Several positions/fellowships are open for candidates interested in doing postdoctoral research in the highly interactive and multidisciplinary research environment – Umeå Centre for Microbial Research (UCMR -  at Umeå University, Sweden (

Flyer (PDF) can be found here.  

【2】Research Engineer and First Research Engineer Positions for Cryo-Electron Microscopy open at Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy (UCEM) (deadline 2016-08-08)

Umeå University is currently seeking a Research Engineer and a First Research Engineer to be recruited for a technical support function and responsible for operation and performance of structural biology analyzes with advanced Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), direct Electron Detector and Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) instruments.


Please visit the following website to see more detail for【1】【2】. 


GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program

GIST is offered by GRIPS. It provides comprehensive educational programs that include a Doctoral Program, Master’s Program, Short-term Training Courses, and other offerings. In doing so, it cultivates human resources who integrate knowledge from diverse academic fields, possess the ability to aptly discern social issues, and can employ a scientific approach in the planning, drafting, execution, evaluation, and revision of STI policy.


GIST's faculty consists of professors from inside and outside Japan who are experts on STI policy studies. To achieve more practical education, the program also accommodates front-line practitioners of science and technology policy in the role of lecturers, and organizes frequent research workshops and lectures inviting eminent researchers and practitioners from inside and outside Japan. The program advances education and research into "Science for STI Policy" in collaboration with leading Japanese research bodies in STI policy studies. These include the Field Pioneering Hub Institutions (The University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Osaka University/Kyoto University, and Kyushu University) under the SciREX program of MEXT, as well as the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), the Center for Research and Development Strategy of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST-CRDS), and the Research Institute of Economy,Trade and Industry (RIETI).


The details can be found from the following website.


International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research (INTPART)
The Research Council of Norway calls for proposal for “ International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research (INTPART)”.

INTPART will fund partnerships between Norwegian higher education and research institutions and excellent partners in prioritized countries. Special emphasis is on integrating higher education- and research, and may include business partners. INTPART is a SIU and Research Council collaboration.


The main goal of INTPART is to develop world class higher education and research institutions in Norway by promoting and funding long term institutional partnerships with strong academic groups and institutions in eight prioritized countries; Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South-Africa and the USA.


The scheme aims to increase the quality and relevance of cooperation with selected countries, particularly through integration of the higher education and research components, and it is open to cooperation with innovation and private sector actors of relevance to the project.

INTPART will support establishment and/or further development of institutional collaborations in research and higher education. Collaborations should involve strategic leadership and administration in addition to the research and the academic partners. Education cooperation should as far as possible be an integrated part of the institutions' regular higher education programs.

Application Deadline: 13:00( CET) 25 May, 2016

See the program description document and the INTPART planned call for more details about projects and specifications for funding.


Ochanomizu University Summer Program in English

This program is an intensive course for Ochanomizu University/ Graduate School students and overseas/ Japanese partner universities students. All lectures and discussions are conducted in English in multi-cultural classes, aiming for students’ career development and promotion of international exchanges. Students can obtain two credits (interchangeable with partner universities) by attending one of the three courses offered.


Period of the program:

July 16 – July 29, 2016



Deadline: April 15, 2016

*All applications must be made through the overseas/ Japanese partner university, NOT an individual student.

*Application forms and the detail of the program can be found from the following website.


Ochanomizu University Summer Program Office (Assoc. Prof. Leo Aoi Hosoya)



Ochanomizu University Japanese Summer Program

お茶の水女子大学 日本語サマープログラム

This is a 3-week program for students who are studying the Japanese language at partner universities. This program aims to improve academic Japanese skills through comprehensive language classes and “project work”. Students also have opportunities to meet Japanese people through various events.

お茶の水女子大学の協定大学で日本語を学ぶ学生を対象とした 3 週間のプログラムです。総合的な日本語の授業とプロジェクトワークを通して、アカデミックな日本語能力の養成を目指します。また、プロジェクトワーク、日本文化体験、週末ツアーなど日本人との交流の場も多々あります。


Schedule   スケジュール :

Arrival/Check-in: July 11(Mon)

Program: July 12 (Tues) – July 31(Sun)

Departure/Check-out: August 1(Mon)

到着・入寮 7 11 日(月) 

プログラム 7 12 日(火)~ 7 31 日(日)

退寮・出発 8 1 日(月)


Application  申請 :

Application Period: March 14 (Mon), 2016 –April 8(Fri), 2016 no later than 5:00pm Japan time

申請期間: 2016 3 14 日(月)~ 4 8 日(金)日本時間午後 5

*Application forms and the detail of the program can be found from the following website.

* 申請書類、プログラム詳細は以下のウェブサイトに掲載されています。


Contact   連絡先 :

Ochanomizu University Global Education Center Japanese Summer Program