Each year between 30 and 40 Swedish scientists go to Japan through JSPS programs and everyone is welcome to become a SAC member. 
At the moment the Alumni Club in Sweden has over 160 members, of which around 30 are contact members able to give future fellows advice for their application and their stay in Japan. On the contact person page, future fellows can find contact information of former fellows within their own field.
Upcoming activities in 2016

Past activities in 2016
- The SAC General Assembly, January 14
- The 4th Sweden-Japan Academic Network, January 14
- SAC Activity Seminar: "Epigenetics in Disease and Well-being", in Linköping University, January 20-21
Past activities in 2015
- SAC Activity Seminar "Japanese Technology and Ethics", September 2-3, Uppsala University
SAC Activity Seminar on Music Interaction and Health,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, October 11, 2016