Welcome to the JSPS Alumni Club in Finland (ACF)!


The objective of the Alumni Club is to promote scientific exchange between Finland and Japan. In pursuit of this objective, the Club carries out the following activities:
  • Provide personal and expert guidance to researchers in Finland concerning JSPS Fellowship Programs.
  • Maintain and create academic links with Japan.
  • Exchange information among the Club’s members.
  • Conduct joint activities with academic institutions and other counterpart agencies.
  • Collect and disseminate information regarding science, technology, and society.
  • Arrange and hold activities on Japan related issues.


 As a JSPS Alumni Club member you are eligible to participate in meetings, events, you will receive information and news from JSPS Stockholm Office. The membership is free of charge and there are three categories: regular member, associate member and honorary member.

1) Regular member**
Regular members are former fellows who have received support from JSPS and are eligible to:
- Vote in decision making matters at General Assemblies.
- Become a board member.
- Apply to the BRIDGE Fellowship Program.
2) Associate member
Individuals who are not former JSPS fellows but still interested in pursuing and achieving the Club’s objective of promoting scientific exchange between Finland and Japan, can become associate members.


3) Honorary member
Honorary membership may be granted to individuals who have a distinguished record of promoting scientific exchange between Finland and Japan.

**Please note that you must have finished your research tenure of your JSPS Fellowship Program in Japan before you become a regular alumni member!

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