October 24






Seminar by Professor Masaaki Morikawa, Hokkaido University

A New Biotechnology for Green Innovation took place on October 24th, 18:00-19:30 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sceince (IVA).

Organizers were the Embassy of Japan Stockholm, Sweden-Japan Foundation (SJF) and Royal Academy of Engineering Science (IVA). The seminar was supported by JSPS and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA).






October 23








Current Concepts in Regulation of Metabolism, Cell Differentiation and Function


Venue: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet

121023 Program

Organized by Karolinska Institutet and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS)




September 20















The first Japan-Sweden Fellowship Research Network

Venue: Royal Swedish Academy of Science (KVA)


-Japanese researchers in Sweden

-Alumni members of JSPS

-Swedish researchers interested in Japan

-Japanese governmental scholarship fellows

120920 Program





September 12








JSPS Alumni Club Finland (FAC): Annual meeting and seminar

The FAC Annual Meeting took place on September 17th, 11:15-17:00, at Helsinki University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

It was a whole day program with interesting seminars.





June 5-6










Japan-Norway symposium on space sciences in polar region

Venue: Auditorium "FORUM" in Oslo Innovation Center

(Forskningsparken), University of Oslo, Norway

120605-06 Program





May 11














Recent trend in Japanese science/Stem-cell research - Present & Future

Venue: Main Lecture Hall, Dept. of Physiology & Pharmacology, Nanna Svartz v. 2, Karolinska Institute


CV-Dr. Asashima           110511 Poster








October 13-14













Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Applications

Venue: Chalmersska huset, Gothenburg, Sweden


  1110 Poster   11101 Booklet




August 20



Abiotic Stress from Genes to Biosphere

Venue: Stavanger Forum, Norway


  110820 Poster    110820 Booklet




May 30-31



 Capturing the Sun

Venue: Beijer-hall, Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences


  110530/31 Poster    110530/31 Booklet




January 18



Direct Imagining in Bio/Medical Science

Venue: Segerfalk-hall, Lund University


 110118 Poster          110118 Booklet


















Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, Purdue University, USA and Professor Akira Suzuki, Hokkaido University, Japan, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010 !!



September 6-7



Epigenetics - New Horizons in Japan & Scandinavia

Venue: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm


2010 Booklet 'Epigenetics' Colloquium




June 21-23






Microbes at Work

Venue: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala

             Krusenberg, Uppsala  


2010 Booklet 'Microbes at Work' Colloquium

2010 Booklet 'Microbes at Work' Workshop



June 15





Nanofabrication and Functional Device

Venue: Linköping University, Linköping


2010  Booklet 'Nanofabrication'




January 19



Current Approaches & Future Perspectives on the Human Genome, Trancriptome & Proteome

Venue: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institute


 100119 Poster         100119 Booklet








March 10-11


Sun & Earth connections 

Venue: Beijer-hall, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 


 090310/11 Poster         090310/11 Booklet






November 3




JSPS - Hokkaido University - Stockholm University

"Cross-coupling & Organometallics"

Venue: Beijer Hall, Royal Academy of Sciences


0803 Poster        0803 Booklet




October 22-23



Micro- and nanotechnology in Medicine.

Venue: Oscar II conference center, Uppsala Science Park

This worksshop was supported by JSPS core-to-core program.


081022-23 poster   




October 3




Marine Toxins - from Biosynthesis to Health Aspect

Venue: Research Building I, 10th floor, Dept. of Chemistry, Gothenburg University


 0810 Poster




September 5


Sustainability of the Natural Environment

Venue: KAW, Stockholm School of Economics


 0809 Poster       0809 Booklet




June 11




Malaria research: Diversity Control

Venue: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institute


0811 Poster      0811 Booklet 







October 4


JSPS Colloquium - Frontiers of Plant Biotechnology 


 2007 Biotechnology booklet







JSPS 7th Science Forum - Frontiers in Laser & Nanotechnology
Venue: Kista / Stockholm


 2007 Laser & Nanotechnology booklet






JSPS Sixth Science Forum - Frontiers in Influenza Research
How the world is preparing for a pandemic influenza.







August 30


JSPS Colloquium in Frontiers of Genome Science and Medical Challenges




June 2

JSPS-UPSC colloquium on Plant Development







June 17


JSPS Fifth Science Forum in Sweden
"Frontiers in Material Science"




June 1-4






The 3rd Sweden-Japan Workshop "Advanced Spectroscopy of Organic Materials for Electronic Applications (ASOMEA3)"
Location: Vadstena
JSPS was represented by Director Prof. Tsuneko Okazaki
Read report by organizers Prof. WR Salaneck, Linköping University, and Prof. K. Seki, Nagoya University:







October 13

JSPS Fourth Science Forum in Sweden
"Frontiers in Life Sciences"





June 15

JSPS colloquium on RNA Biology




April 22





JSPS colloquium on the Study of Contemporary Japanese Society, in collaboration with NAJS*
Does contemporary Japan matter?

 Location: Göteborg.

*Nordic Association for the Study of Contemporary Japanese Society.
Read article about the event on NIAS web page (pdf), page 26









October 27


JSPS Third Science Forum - Frontiers in Life Science


June 2


JSPS colloquium on photonics - the technology for the 21st century

Colloquium booklet




March 17



JSPS colloquium on nanotechnology.







October 28




The Second JSPS Science Forum in Stockholm
- Life Sciences





May 28-29

JSPS colloquium - New Horizons of Developmental Biology

Colloquium booklet








October 24-25


The First JSPS Science Forum in Stockholm

2001 Forum booklet