Application deadline: 27th of February 2017



The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to young pre- and postdoctoral researchers to conduct, under the guidance of their hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups in Japanese universities and other institutions.



1 to 12 months



·         Be a citizen or permanent resident of the US, Canada, European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway or Russia.


·         Hold a doctorate at the time the Fellowship goes into effect, which must have been received within the past 6 years, or be enrolled in a doctoral course and be scheduled to receive a Ph.D. within 2 years.


  Please refer to the Application guidelines for further information.


Terms of Award

·         A round-trip air ticket (based on JSPS regulations)

·         Monthly maintenance allowance

              -- Ph.D. holders: 362,000 yen

              -- Non-Ph.D. holders: 200,000 yen

·         Settling-in allowance of  200,000 yen (if 3 or more months of tenure)

·         Overseas travel insurance

·         Research support allowance for host researchers (Application is made by the host researchers.)



Fellowship Starting Period

From August 2016 to March 2017.


Submission of application

·         Apply through a nominating authority.



          Please Read the Application Guidelines (.pdf) and submit your application to either

          KVA or STINT with the Application Form (.doc) .                          

            - The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

              Please choose your field from the box on the left side first.

              Contact: Peter Brandén

             Submit application before 27th of February 2017 to:



            - The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education(STINT)

               Contact: Agneta Granlund                      

             Submit application before 27th of February 2017 to:                   


·         Apply through a host researcher in Japan (Open Recruitment).

The host researcher and host institution submit an application to JSPS Tokyo. Please refer to the website of JSPS Tokyo for more information.