The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) provides opportunities for overseas researchers who have conducted research activities in Japan under JSPS International Fellowships for Research in Japan or other JSPS programs to come back to Japan to create sustain and/ or strengthen research collaborations with Japanese colleagues. The objective is to build strong networks among researchers in Japan and other countries through a variety of activities. These include former JSPS fellows visiting their past host institutions in Japan, or coming to Japan to plan or implement joint research projects and seminars, to offer training or lectures for young researchers, or to prepare or attend scientific conferences and research meetings.




A period of 14-45 consecutive days.

Revisits are to start from 1 July 2018 through 31 March 2019.
To be eligible, a researcher must meet both of the following requirements:


1) Be a researcher who has experienced research in Japan under a JSPS program and who is currently a board member or a regular member of either JSPS Alumni Club in Sweden (SAC), Finland (ACF) or Denmark (ACD).


2) Agreement by host researcher to all seven items of support in Form B (Agreement by Host Researcher)


*Researchers who have already been supported under the BRIDGE Fellowship Program within the last 5 years (FY2013-FY2017) are ineligible for this award.

Terms of Award

(1) A round-trip air ticket (based on JSPS regulations)

*JSPS cannot reimburse BRIDGE Fellows for a ticket that they have purchased by themselves.


(2) Daily maintenance allowance of ¥15,000


(3) Overseas travel insurance coverage


(4) Research support allowance

*This allowance covers cooperative research-related expenses. Application is made by the host researcher through his/her institution. This allowance may be applied for in an amount of up to  ¥150,000.


*The terms of award for fellows indicated above are subject to change.

Application Procedure

Please read the application guidelines and your alumni club's screening criteria carefully.

  1. BRIDGE Fellowship Program FY2018 Application Guidelines (PDF)
  2. Alumni Club Screening Criteria Provision C (PDF):
Complete list of provisions for the alumni clubs can be found on the following url:

Prepared by applicant (the Fellow)

Submit to

Form A

Application for JSPS BRIDGE Fellowship FY2018 (PDF )

JSPS Stockholm Office





 Form B

 Agreement by Host Researcher (PDF)


Please submit your application by February 18, 2018.



**Prepared by JSPS Alumni Associations in coordination with JSPS Stockholm Office

Submit to

Form C

List of Recommendees from BRIDGE Nominating Committee (PDF)


  JSPS Tokyo


Form D

Letter of Recommendation from BRIDGE Nominating Committee (PDF)



A) B) C) D).

Form E

Report on BRIDGE Fellowship Activities by BRIDGE Nominating Committee


Please submit by May 31, 2019



Form E

Report on BRIDGE Fellowship Activities by BRIDGE Nominating Committee



 Please submit by May 31, 2018


Notification of Selection Results

An award letter from JSPS's president and accompanying documents will be sent to the successful candidates.

Notification date: mid-May.
Unsuccessful candidates will be notified of their selection results in writing by JSPS Stockholm Office.
JSPS cannot respond to individual requests regarding selection results.