Researchers from all over the world go to Japan every year under the JSPS Fellowship Programs and Scientist Exchanges. After completing their tenures, some of them return to their home countries while others remain in Japan or continue their research activities in other countries. We at JSPS consider these researchers as valuable assets in advancing research between Japan and its counterpart countries. To retain and exchange contacts among them, JSPS has launched several alumni associations.


JSPS Stockholm Office support the three connecting alumni clubs in Sweden (SAC), Finland (ACF), and Denmark (ACD).

The objective of the alumni clubs is to promote scientific exchange between Japan and Sweden/Finland/Denmark. A general assembly is held every year and bi-lateral seminars also occur in various scientific fields.


If you are a former Swedish, Finnish or Danish JSPS fellow, you are eligible to apply for membership in the clubs. The membership is free of charge.


Individuals who are not former fellows but still interested in pursuing the JSPS Alumni Club’s aim of promoting scientific exchange between Japan and Sweden/Finland/Denmark, can become associate members.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us.