Alumni Club in Denmark: Activity Seminars


Deadline for applications: November 15, 2017



JSPS Stockholm Office offers financial support to activity seminars organized by members of the JSPS Alumni Club in Denmark (ACD). All board and regular members are eligible to apply for activity seminar funding.



1. Purpose of the ACD activity seminars


The purpose of the activity seminars is to maintain and encourage contact between ACD members, to strengthen the Alumni members' relationships with Japan and Japanese researchers, and to inform about and promote JSPS fellowships.



2. Framework and Guidelines of the ACD activity seminars


- Application process is open from June 12, 2017 until November 15, 2017

- Targeting all fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences

- To be held for 1-2 days from June until February the following year

- To be held at a university or public space

- Targeting about 50 participants

- With the possibility to invite one acquainted Japanese researcher from Japan

- The topics of the seminars are open

- Aiming at attracting and gathering young researchers

- To promote the activities of JSPS and its fellowships (e.g. distribution of JSPS leaflets, speeches by alumni etc.)



3. Eligibility


Only registered board members and regular members of the Alumni Club in Denmark are eligible to apply.



4. Number of accepted applications


One activity seminar will be granted financial support.



5. Related expenses supported by the JSPS Stockholm Office


- International travel expenses and accommodation cost for one participating Japanese lecturer.

- Domestic travel expenses and accommodation cost for other lecturers living in Denmark.

*Note: These are supported according to the JSPS Travel Expense Policy 



- Costs for holding the seminar

  - Cost for printing abstracts

  - Cost for reception etc.


*Note: JSPS Stockholm Office has to complete accounting in March each year due to the closing of the Japanese fiscal year.



6. Selection procedure for activity seminar FY2018


June 12, 2017 – November 15, 2017: Call for seminar applications.


November – December, 2017: The ACD Board reviews the seminar applications and announces the seminar that will receive support from JSPS Stockholm Office in December, 2017.


To apply for activity seminar funding, please download and complete the following documents:


1 Activity proposal (.doc)      2 Cost proposal (.xls)



7. Documents to be submitted

When a decision has been made, the successful candidate will be asked to submit the following documents:


Before the seminar:

- A seminar schedule

- A list of participants

- A schedule of Japanese speaker’s visit


After the seminar:

- A report of approximately one A4 page, to be published in our English newsletter and reviewed at the ACD General Assembly.

The Japanese invited speaker may be asked to provide a report for our newsletter.



Completed application forms and scanned supporting documents should be sent to



The closing date for applications is November 15, 2017.

Applications submitted any later will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Deputy Director Takao Yoshihara or Mr. Oskar Nielsen.
TEL: +46-(0)8-524 845 61